A single screen solution for content creators and influencers
No need to worry! AOC U27V5C/BK meets all needs.

As the Internet matures, the 'new media' industry, populated by content creators and influencers, is thriving. With relatively simple entry costs, fully flexible working patterns, and no more busy and stressful commutes, more professionals are opting for the more relaxed and manageable work patterns in this exciting sector. However, this modern approach to work does bring its own challenges, and one of the first encountered by professionals is which monitor to use? Should the focus be on professional requirements or something that meets the needs of a home? Is performance the main priority, or aesthetics?

No need to worry! AOC U27V5C/BK meets all needs.

Efficient and convenient working

The all-round skills required to be competitive in this arena include copywriting, retouching, editing, programming and even AE special effects. Adapting their expertise to stay ahead, today’s media professionals need to harness the key benefits of an excellent monitor equipped with accurate color and clear picture. In addition, the monitor should support KVM and Picture-by-Picture Multiview, which gives you more control and boosts your efficiency both while streaming, working and playing considerably.

The new generation of AH-IPS screen technology brings 99% sRGB wide color gamut and up to 1.07 billion colors to the U27V5C/BK. It adheres to the strict color calibration of ΔE<2 professional-level standards, delivering purity of screen color, and ensuring overall color and details that are sharper and clearer, while at the same time covering a wide color gamut area, and bringing stronger color reproduction performance! Easy responsiveness to color expression gives users accurate color reproduction for more sensitive and rich visual effects!

A stylish and comfortable atmosphere

Influencers and content creators are very aware that atmosphere directly impacts mood. A clean and tidy environment can positively influence effectiveness and performance in both work and play settings, while a chaotic atmosphere has the ability to make people anxious, meaning efficiency can be greatly reduced.

The 2022 RedDot Award-winning AOC U27V5C/BK monitor is built with elegance, simplicity, and a technical style that exudes a high-end luxury vibe from the inside out! The look of this monitor is eye-catching, yet as unpretentious as possible: it comes in black, featuring a 3-sided borderless design with a very narrow chin at the bottom bezel, and a super-thin base (3.5mm), including swivel, tilt and 130mm height-adjustability for ergonomic use in either work or entertainment settings.

At the same time, the use of hollow wire management holes effectively removes annoying tangles and clutter, creating a premium and comfortable user environment that allows the user's attention to be solely focused on the screen, delivering a more enjoyable leisure and work experience.

Have fun!

For many content creators, the first choice for a work setting is home. This, in turn, makes entertainment and relaxation outside of working hours more of a top priority. As such, the entertainment attributes of equipment have become more indispensable, and the AOC U27V5C/BK meets these needs beautifully.

The AOC U27V5C/BK 's 27-inch 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution is a winning combination of large screen and ultra-clear image for richer and more realistic pictures. The screen's higher definition and more detailed sensory experience meets the daily needs of users watching movies and dramas, browsing the web, and even gaming!

Combining great looks with strong performance, AOC is always inspired to provide users with the perfect display solution. Are you ready to experience the new vision with AOC?

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